Japanese Oil Paintings of Ethereal Woman Submerged with Nature

Pixolog: design, art and photography.

Artist Miho Hirano’s oil paintings communicate a delicate beauty through the use of soft colors and fluid brushstrokes. Featuring ethereal woman and fragments of the natural world, each of Hirano’s paintings emote a melancholic longing that beckons one into her character’s striking fantasy-lands. Her paintings show a fairy-tale that has been infused with culturally significant elements and lingering, beautiful figures.

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Mushroom hunter: Filip Eremita

Pixolog: design, art and photography.

A mushroom on a mushroom A mushroom on a mushroom

Here we are Here we are

Not alone Not alone

Marching effortlessly Marching effortlessly

Orangeinality Orangeinality

King of the... King of the…

Colonized Colonized

Suspicious minds Suspicious minds

A visitor A visitor

Together Together

Bolete power Bolete power

A warm place A warm place

Towards bokeh Towards bokeh

Straight up Straight up

Special treat Special treat

Weakened army Weakened army

Flowering Flowering

Shrunk Shrunk

A little light A little light

All shiny All shiny

All photos by Filip Eremita

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